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Desc:Click for the interesting cultural comment, stay for the twat at the end.
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:mexico, smiths, Morrissey, fetishism
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Comment count is 28
He's such a dumb untalented shit.
Jet Bin Fever
oh whatever.

infinite zest
Viva Hate indeed.
hey this track has an absolutely amazing and inspired guitar section, do you mind if i just howl over it because i can't stand moments in songs where my voice isn't heard? Seriously i can just go lalalalalalal.... No? ok, i'll do it anyway
Spaceman Africa
God I love Morrissey
infinite zest
morrissey usually has really good teeth

Adham Nu'man
I love Morrisey almost as much as I love pork.


Jet Bin Fever
haha, I do too. I would hate to know the guy personally though. I am happy being far away from him and just enjoying how ridiculous and fun he is.

Adham Nu'man is worse than Bad Touch Hitler.

Faster, Trumpy, kill kill...
Kid Fenris
He hurt me with that remark. Did I mention I cried?

Is it wrong not to always be glad?

The God of Biscuits
Oh god that ending.
Jet Bin Fever
He's the most inept that ever stepped.
Nice dude but makes music to bleed mascara to.
Oscar Wildcat
If you travel in Mexico, you will see little plastic statues of Morrissey on the dashboards of taxi's.
Please, please, please let me get that taco combo plate I want.
hahaha. such smooth skin.

infinite zest
lord knows it would be asada

Every Day is Like Cinco De Mayo

Aubrey McFate
Low-riders of the wooooorld~

Girlfriend in a sombrero, I know know, it's muy serious.

Border agents are nice, but, border agents can stop you, from doing all the things in Mexico you'd like to...

I also love Mexico and I would move there except I have a nano-brewery in my basement and an aversion to getting stabbed.
pyslexic dharmacist
-1 for not adding "unlike the British" at the end like I expected.
he's being facetious though
Facetious is what he normally is. When he's not being facetious, that's when he's actually being facetious.

baleen, I never understand a single word you write
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