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Desc:From 2010. He has not aged well.
Tags:MTV, , Jesse Camp, burnt out
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 20
He's a 12 year old girl?
Rodents of Unusual Size
He's a 48 year old girl.

The canned "awww" at :45 made a chill trill down my spine.
He doesn't look a day under 45.
blue vein steel
dude, it's time to give up on that hair
Rodents of Unusual Size
He would look so much better without it.

So, so much better.

He sounds like he's doing some kind of Fred Arnison character.

Jet Bin Fever
Dave Holmes lost to THIS?
It was a case of a bunch of stupid kids thinking "haha, let's all vote for the worst VJ candidate", and he's let in. Didn't Mtv end up hiring David Holmes as a "creative consultant" after the fact?

If I recall correctly, Holmes actually liked music and knew his shit, so he ended up on a lot of those "10 Best [Fill in the blank] Songs/Bands" shows, didn't he?

As a former stupid kid, I'd like to point out that Jesse Camp was the last even remotely watchable thing MTV had a hand in. We may have lost Beavis & Butthead, but at least we gained whatever the hell Jesse was.

Please tell me that's sarcasm, Evil! If not, screw you for voting for this guy!

I did not vote for Jesse, as the only thing I could be assed to vote for back then was the new M&M color (blue FTW!)

That said, I totally wanted Jesse to win, and I loved all the spastic bullshit he got himself into. Even Buckcherry was tolerable so long as Mister Camp was around to 'zazz things up. Of course, I was like eleven or twelve at the time, but I regret nothing and if I could go back, I'd still mark for him.

Jet Bin Fever
I liked some of Matt Pinfield's interviews on 120minutes back in the mid 90s. Maybe I just miss that show as a whole, seeing shitty 90s alternative bands get airtime and all.

I'm sure his paintings are wonderful and totally not full of stray hairs that have fallen onto the canvas and been smeared about.
"I've been having a lot of sex with men for money"
Well, I'll be damned. I just checked his Wikipedia article, and it turns out the little bastard went to Loomis Chaffee, one of the most insufferable prep schools in Connecticut.

He told America he was a Crustie!
Jack Dalton
Didn't MTV give him a record deal to expedite his departure? I remember him promoting the album and then he was gone... That way, MTV could say that he left to pursue a lucrative music career, rather than, "he left because we really, really fucked up."
Drugs, don't do them. In case this isn't drugs, I admire his commitment to the act.
faces of meth?
I have no idea who this is.
pyslexic dharmacist
I have a hard time believing this guy has ever spoken in front of a camera ever.
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