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Desc:Won the 1971 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:70s, animation, detroit, rare, no spoilers in tags
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Comment count is 11
My ass, indeed.

I'll reserve final judgment til I know what else was up against this little gem. Still, 5 on the assumption the competition wasn't entirely based on general, overall human shittiness.
I'm pretty sure this joke was at least a decade or two old already when they made this.
Yeah, it seems very much like a Borscht Belt comedy routine you'd hear at a lounge at a resort in the Catskills.

Amusing, and doesn't overstay its welcome. This is short even by Oscar-animated short standards.

Here's the competition:

How this thing won is beyond me.
infinite zest
Probably for the same reason shows like Family Guy are so popular. Crude humor was still risque in general by that time, especially if used in a medium thought only for children. So Laloux, the two videos you posted and many others were considered "art" and not "animated." Unfortunately this tradition exists today in Hollywood, which is why nobody saw "Secret of Kells" but everyone saw "Frozen"

I've seen both SECRET OF KELLS and FROZEN and found SoK interesting but, sorry, I freaking loved FROZEN, which was entertaining and beautiful to look at with mostly catchy tunes, some funny scenes, and well-written female protagonists, the greatest Walt Disney Animation Studios feature since the early to mid 1990s.

Maybe FROZEN isn't to everyone's tastes, and that's fine, but there are popular and Academy-nominated movies probably more worthy of scorn than FROZEN. (Like, for example, although FROZEN is closing in, DESPICABLE ME 2 is still, at the moment, the number one animated movie released in 2013 at the US box office.)

infinite zest
You are right. I should have said "Despicable Me 2" or "Shrek" (how many?!?) instead.. I have nothing against "Frozen" although I haven't seen it (haven't seen either actually). But at least the trailer makes it look like one of those "family" films where moms and dads will get the references that the kids don't, etc. etc. etc.

infinite zest
Also Hans Christian Anderson doesn't have the best track record for female protagonists in my book, but I'll have to see it :)

Sanest Man Alive
Well, I'm sure this won on its own impressive merits and not possibly because it was made by some Academy member's relative or lover! (Both?)

You assume too much in thinking they haven't always been a bunch of nepotistic, self-congratulatory shitstains.

The epoch when naught but shitty cartoons roamed the earth.
Jet Bin Fever
I bet this took a lot of markers to make.
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