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Desc:Just holy shit
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:Crab, Crabs, CRABegory
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Comment count is 34
Aw Christ, would you just look at all the god damn crabs.
5 stars, but should have been a Crab Mentality submission.
infinite zest
Yeah jeez. They prefer to be called Dwarf

The New Meat
That's too many crabs.
Look, how many goddamned crabs do we need? This is getting out of hand.
infinite zest
Your puns are Cancerous.

The shore is lousy with 'em

infinite zest
Get a grip

il fiore bel
Nice try, guys, but your puns?


il fiore bel
...and so are my eyes, which are apparently a shell of their former selves. My apologies; I was clawing too hard for a good pun.

Hey has anyone made a lousy pun yet?

That guy
I'm going to side-step out of this thread.

Dang beach, you better see somebody about that.
Take 'em

The Mothership
Yup, right here.

Binro the Heretic
I say, good show, old bean!

Rodents of Unusual Size
This is considered a delicacy in Korea.

I'm not even shitting you, they slather red sauce on baby crabs this size and just clump them together for the deli and you can buy an ounce or two of them for a lunch side dish.
il fiore bel
I dunno, after soft shell crabs, eating baby crabs whole by the handful doesn't seem horribly weird. Maybe a little, but I could see it.

Menudo con queso
I can imagine a sort of mollusky oatmeal porridge. ...actually, I just made myself sick imagining it.

Lightly dusted in flour and fried with some kind of garlic/ginger sauce would be delicious.

infinite zest
It doesn't seem that different from fish roe, just a little cuter.

That's what I was thinking; these little dudes are probably delicious. I'd even try a few right off the beach, it could be great.

Or food poisoning

pyslexic dharmacist
.....Dead, or do they crawl off your plate?

n/m, this is just another reason I'm a vegetarian.

One of my favorite memories of childhood was getting off the ferry on Vashon Island, picking up a rock on on the beach, and giggling with absolute glee at all the little crabs underneath.
He got crabs.
I don't get it

Think of how much crab fucking that took.
A man after my own heart.

One pair.

Likely the handful is only a fraction of one pairs sweet, sticky invertebrate love

Dude, what if we're just a speck on the pubes of god?
Jet Bin Fever
Aghhhh we should be evolved NOT to stick our hand into a pile of tiny moving things by now. Right?
Baby steps

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