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Desc:And in English, too. From 26 Jan 2014 on station ARD
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:Interview, NSA, FISA, edward snowden, ghost-ee
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Two things. One, I'm not so sure he's facing a legitimate assassination threat. He's white, and more importantly, he's too high profile; if Snowden kicked off under any circumstances, suspicious or not, I think it'd cause a massive furor both abroad and at home. Assassinations only really work when they're done quietly and against people whom the majority have no reason to sympathize with. Killing a man who's arguing about abuses of power would simply prove his point; there's a reason why that tank didn't didn't run over the Tienanmen Square guy! So assuming the quotes he offers are genuine, sounds to me more like people letting off steam and posturing than credible threats.

Two, I'm pretty sure Snowden's fears are correct. Nothing will change. In fact, I hate to say this, but having Snowden assassinated might be the best thing for everyone at this point; the US media is dutifully ignoring the problem, and I think the few people who've tuned in are already getting bored of it. It'll take some major Hollywood-style plot twists to get the American public watching this show again.
Also, I love how this on German TV and being hosted on Youku!

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

Jet Bin Fever
Watching this puts me on some sort of watch list right?
Well yes, but the good news is it doesn't really matter, because thanks to the NSA, everyone on the planet is now on a watchlist all the time!

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