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Desc:I'll give you a massage.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:king of the hill, hank hill, youtube poop, Peggy Hill
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Time capsule, aliens, only thing left of us, etc.
Prickly Pete
Amazing. Why are these not an Adult Swim show yet?
infinite zest
It's probably got to do with copyright laws, since I think Fox still owns it. I think Hanna Barbera itself tried to sue them for taking characters like Space Ghost and Sealab too far.

Jet Bin Fever
This guy makes good Poops, which says a lot. I didn't know such a thing was really possible.
I like the New Neighbors one too.
needs david lynch tag?
Indeed. This made me feel exactly like I did after watching "Mulholland Drive".

infinite zest
As far as I know, Youtube Poop is just fucking around and putting on Sonic the Hedgehog doing something for 10 hours or something using aftereffects. Whatever it was I just saw was not like that at all.
Again I am making the comparison to TNG edits, if this level of quality is maintained.

infinite zest
"Dark Halls. Door? Hank Face. Phaser Sound Effect." whatever this means, can someone make it a linkable tag?

Billy the Poet
The koth edits on youtube are still going pretty strong, I must say.
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