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Desc:Despite what you may think of the movie (jingoism, etc.) this is some pretty riveting stuff.
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:war, mark wahlberg, special forces, Navy SEALs, lone survivor
Submitted:Jimmy Labatt
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Comment count is 13
Jimmy Labatt - 2014-01-31
Crackersmack - 2014-02-01
From what I understand "Lone Survivor" was written by a ghostwriter (Patrick Robinson) known for writing fictional books about Navy Seals, who was hired by the Navy while this guy was still in theater.

It's not just jingoistic, it's straight-up propaganda that was basically created and released by the Navy. And Marcus Luttrell is a gigantic douche.
mustard - 2014-02-02
He named his firstborn son Axe.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2014-02-01
Every time they showed ads for this thing I sorta just rolled my eyes.
Spaceman Africa - 2014-02-01
I just saw this movie in theaters. At the beginning of the movie when the soldiers get dropped into to recon this village an goat herder and two kids give away their position. They then capture and contemplate killing them all. I had no idea what this movie was based one and I assumed they were going to do some moral gray area movie a la Platoon. But no they let the kids go and then just shot a bunch of Afghans stopping just short of calling them "ragheads" basically. It was fucking garbage.
Jimmy Labatt - 2014-02-01
I dunno, I liked it fine. A few too many shots of Mark Wahlberg tumbling down a mountain maybe, but otherwise entertaining. Some great cinematography.
aikimoe - 2014-02-01
A List of the Mistakes and Differences Between Lone Survivor (Film), Lone Survivor (Book) and Reality

Jimmy Labatt - 2014-02-01
Huh, now that is an interesting read.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2014-02-01
Real life simply isn't interesting enough to make a movie out of.

Jimmy Labatt - 2014-02-01
*AHEM* my bloviating fatbag of a mayor would disagree (PS my mayor is Rob Ford).

That guy - 2014-02-01
"those people who aren't out there carrying the rifle - have no business dictating- what and how we do it"

Every profession and endeavor in life should be self-regulating and self-policing, and self-philosophizing while we're at it, right buddy?
Jimmy Labatt - 2014-02-01
Hey, it worked for the teamsters.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2014-02-01
I guess now we know the philosophy of all those cops who like to shoot pets and taser people for the fuck of it.

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