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Desc:Ra's al Ghul, start taking notes from a real mad scientist.
Category:Humor, Science & Technology
Tags:Bill Gates, mosquito, eugenics, Vaccination, depopulation
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Comment count is 12
How can he want to stop overpopulation and save lives at the same time?!? CONTRADICTION!
There's a video a little bit down the front page that deals with this idea.


Does it include the reverse-vampire conspiracy? I refuse to watch anything that doesn't.

I personally think that anyone who doesn't vaccinate themselves and their kids is an idiot, but forcing them on people? That's a bit much.

This? This is a whole new level of crazy.
Plus it's just outsourcing jobs to mosquitoes.

“Herd Immunity”: A Rough Guide


Diphtheria, Measles, Whooping Cough, & Polio.

I want these things to go in the "Don't come back" category of Disco & Mullets...

Just buy some OFF! if you don't want free health care.

How's that for a dystopian future? People paying to remain non-immunized! Get Jenny McCarthy on the line!

I'm stealing that. Not even joking. It's going straight into the Shadowrun campaign I'm working on.

Don't drag Disco into this.

Monkey Napoleon
The only thing crazy here is accusing Bill Gates of being a eugenecist. The absurd re-phrasing going on in this clip is at a level that would make Fox news balk and question the journalistic integrity.

I'm all for the forced vaccinations, at least for well-understood diseases (smallpox and the like). Unvaccinated kids put the rest of society at risk.

Napoleon, allow me to to explain:

Bill Gates wants to save BROWN PEOPLE. Brown people exist to overrun and enslave REAL PEOPLE, you know, the white ones.

More brown people = Less white people and that, sir, is eugenics.

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