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Desc:The full thing at: http://bit.ly/ 1iewEX7
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:Super Bowl, football, domination, Madden
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infinite zest
Heh.. the theme song from "Attack on Titan" would've been more appropriate, but I always love Godspeed.

I don't really like watching football and didn't really watch the game, but I was rooting for the Seahawks. Besides winning tickets to a superbowl one time, the other game I ever attended was when my dad (a Packer's fan) took me up from Portland to Seattle. White, Favre Driver and the rest were still on the roster and it was this same kind of domination. I think the score was like "Packers: 40-something, Seahawks: 7. The stadium was almost entirely green and gold (and me as the angsty teenager sitting next to my father wearing a cheese head.)

Upon leaving the stadium it just depressed me: all these Packers fans celebrating and only a handful of Hawks fans, who probably knew they were going to lose anyway, and probably just went because they got tickets in a company raffle or something. Now, it's going to be nearly impossible to even get a ticket to a game, and the Kingdome just broke the record for loudest sports event in the world. It's cool to see this new enthusiasm for my "home team", even if I'll just be watching the highlights.
Nothing ruins the enjoyment of a team more than winning the championship.

Just ask any Bostonian.

Killer Joe
They broke everything about the game of football, and the result was only marginally more of a beating than my beloved Broncos got in real life.
Sanest Man Alive
That is what makes it beautiful. This was the most accurate prediction of the Super Bowl outcome, despite being an elaborate "what if" joke of pitting retarded children against giant demigods.

Oscar Wildcat
All football games should be this.
MacGyver Style Bomb
The GIFs in the actual article are pure comedy. Can't remember the last time I laughed at something so hard.
Ranma X.
Poor Mom.
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