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Desc:Where the Venn Diagram of Sci Fi, Religion, & Total Right Wing Nuttery overlap.
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:white people, alex jones, Mr. X, Pastor Lindsey Williams, Gold Bug
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divinitycycle - 2014-02-04

44 fucking minutes?!?!?!

Pillager - 2014-02-05

Yep, and it just keeps getting crazier & crazier as it goes on.

Sanest Man Alive - 2014-02-05

Didn't watch it all, so here's my own Elite to-do list:

1. Steal your money
2. Take your guns
3. Get your daughters pregnant
4. Turn your pregnant daughters into welfare queens
5. Turn your sons gay
6. Turn your daughters gay
7. Give your jobs to immigrants
8. Brainwash your gay sons/daughters to worship allah
9. Enslave all white hetero christians
10. Steal your money

I just know I'm crediting this guy too much sanity already.

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