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Desc:Our 80s action hero is fired up for an 80s training montage (starts at 10:55)
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:80s, montage, Far Cry 3
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Comment count is 12
I watched the entire video and saw a load of game developers actually having fun.

Also "cyber love" surely has terrifying potential as a tag.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Person playing is embarrassingly bad. I have this horrible feeling they grew up playing modern fps's and dont know how to run and gun DOOM style. Also they keep using the knife as if they think its gonna be more powerful that a gun!
Sanest Man Alive
That was nagging at me too. Kid's probably used to the knife being a point-blank destroyer because of Counterstrike et al.

This was a far better role for Michael Biehn than Colonial Marines.

Nerd Privilege.

Adham Nu'man

He's not even listening to the repeat "shoot them in the head" prompts.

just annoying if you watched the whole video because it could have been a good deal shorter if he wasn't shooting and stabbing zombies in the chest the whole time.

I had so much fun with this game.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Realistically awkward sex scene.
Hi, Chocolate Jesus!
James Woods
5 for the subtle Vince DiCola refference.
This game was hilarious.
Jet Bin Fever
"I wanna be blinded by your cyberlove" is a really great line. Needs a videogame equivalent of an Oscar.
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