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Desc:395 million views and counting.
Category:Pets & Animals, Humor
Tags:youtube, Decline of Western Civilization, gummy bear, top viewed
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Comment count is 21
kill me now

I didn't submit this abomination 150 million views ago and I wake up to find it's here.
Yeah this was a thing... About ten years ago.
Or more? When did Crazy Frog come out...

Things like this never die, because there is always a new crop of tweens who haven't seen it yet.

Why can't tweens be discovering All Your Base?

We've come to the point where people under the age of 20 don't actually understand any of the references to anything that people that remember cartridges and CD-ROMs understand. To them everything is old. The only thing is youtube.

It's rather disheartening. All Your Base Belong to Us (that meme was CREATED by Republican farm boy and POE Red user jrr if you didn't know) is a reference to early 90's console gaming. The concept of bit graphic console gaming simply does not interest a 13 year old now. It's a novelty act. It makes no sense. They have no experience to base it off of.

kevin12abcde2 days ago

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lowest common denominator should be a tag
Seven Arts/H8 Red
The lowest common denominator never really changes. It just evolves into a Droste effect.

My nephew loved this crap a few years back. The ones that mystified me were the song about being "for all the skater bears in the world" and another where the bear goes on about always having a nookie (pacifier) in its mouth.

I'm not really sure who or what this series was aimed at, but they churned out a lot of potential sanity-scrub.
That gummy bear has a beard.
Look, guys. This site is all about the worst videos on the internet. If this doesn't qualify as evil, then I don't know what does.
Billy the Poet
This is already on here in German and in English, but I guess I can't slap someone if it doesn't turn up under "gummy bear" or "gummi bear." CUT THE JOKING IN THE TAGS, PEOPLE.
I'm not sure the YouTube tag is really needed, too. It's like tagging a video as "evil" and posting it here.

but this video defines youtube

"inspiring a disdain for the masses" could be linked through this.

Most appropriate.
Sudan no1
I blame unsupervised kids on youtube. And their parents.
Nah, this is mostly middle aged and elderly people, I'm sure of it.

These kind of videos make like 40% of what's on youtube.
I actually own this CD. I still like to listen to "Funny DJ" every now and then.

Coincidentally, it sits right next to my Eiffel 65 in alphabetical order.
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