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Desc:Robocop deals with a sudden influx of rapists (NSFW)
Category:Crime, Humor
Tags:robocop, dicks, fatal farm, rapists, your move creep
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Comment count is 24
I can't wait for the new Lasagna Cat, but this was fantastic by itself.
Is Fatal Farm the same... whatever (site?)... that used to do those interviews with retards about geopolitics?
Yellow Lantern
Directive Foreskin
this pairs nicely with ultimatedrummingtechnique.com
Sexy Duck Cop
This pairs nicely with the opposite of your username.

Cock blocked, creep
Caminante Nocturno
I feel threatened by this video.
Sexy Duck Cop
At first I was expecting a subtle re-edit of existing footage to make it appear as though legions of rapists were swarming that lone woman like Mongolian hordes devouring the steppes of central Asia.

Now I really wish it was.
That's a lot of shot-off cocks.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Dicks. Dicks everywhere.
Delivered above and beyond my expectations, and then added on that last fifteen seconds just because it could.
Cannot stop laughing
infinite zest
Original Rapist

Sexy Duck Cop
Foremost rapist.

So they brought back Paul Verhoeven to direct?
I hope this is their next Lasagna Cat and more is coming.
Sexy Duck Cop
This is part of a larger crowdsourced--jesus fuck I just said crowdsourced--project that remakes ALL of Robocop through various filmmakers, including FF and Screen Junkies.

Mother Lumper
This scene kind of implies Robocop is jealous he doesn't have one anymore. Because damn.
Either you are a big fan of guys getting shot in the penis, or you aren't.

If you aren't sure, then watch this video. Afterwards, there will be no doubt.
Billy the Poet
It's good to see Hamburger Penis getting work.
Jet Bin Fever
DeMorge Brown, nooooooooooooooooo! Oh, and Kate Freund, cool.
This is probably the best made segment of the whole thing.
jesus christ
The Mothership
I had no idea, no idea at all, that this was going to be that funny.
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