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Desc:The actual universe.
Category:Video Games, Science & Technology
Tags:universe, too much free time, dedication, perspective, minecraft
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Comment count is 12
Fuck yeah.
Now that feminists have killed the space program, Minecraft has become the pinnacle of human achievement.
But won't Minecraft be gone long befo- you know what, nevermind.
That guy
Man programs door in Minecraft to not open until the end of interest in Minecraft.

He addresses this problem. The solution is Divine Intervention.

Server's not gonna be up that long. Won't matter.

The earth has an expiration date, and it's up once our planet is out of the green zone of survivability, but long before the sun grows large enough to engulf the space where we used to be.
I'm pretty sure his whole "I wanted to make something completely useless" thesis accounts for the fact that this thing will never actually reach accomplish its goal.

Mission accomplished!

Sudan no1
don't worry, the cylon-like sentient robots we create to colonize space will still be playing minecraft over the intergalactic internets.

Pointless game provides illustration of pointless existence.

We should have an 'end of the universe' party.
Now it's not just Christians who have an incentive to bring about the apocalypse.
one star because video doesn't let us keep watching until door opens
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