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Desc:'Intro to Kupa Keep' Gameplay Vid
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:South Park, RPG, douchebag, ubisoft, The Stick of Truth
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Comment count is 12
I don't know about the game itself, but it was always a childhood fantasy to have a game that looked exactly like the cartoon, instead of some chunky pixel approximation.
i second this sentiment

5 for this

That was possible a LOOOOONNG time ago, but the first SP game (I forget what it was called) was released for systems that were in love with their shaded 3D models. I guess they hadn't figured out cel shading yet.

I mean, SP should be renderable in flash.

This looks very cute. I'm sorry.
Loving the parody of the Skyrim sounds.
This will probably be good, but at the same time I'm worried about why it took so damn long to come out considering all the principle production was done on it years ago.
Hegemony Cricket
If one learns anything about the game industry:

Give Obsidian many, many years to finish or they will give you very disappointing things.

More like: Obsidian makes great games up to the point when the publisher (in this case, THQ) runs out of money, implodes, cancels the game, or meddles in the games plot/theme.

I'm happy Fallout: New Vegas turned out as well as it did, but I still see where some executive meddling screwed things up.

This is cute but there's no way I'm paying for what's effectively an R-rated version of Costume Quest
Kind of late to the party for this. Did they not have the technology for a videogame to look like South Park since now?

I'll definitely pick this up at some point during a sale , but is crazy.
I don't watch South Park anymore but this looks like it's worth a try. Huh.
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