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Desc:Submitted for the hideous, hideous comments.
Category:General Station
Tags:pornography, porn star, XXXchurch
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 22
Quad9Damage - 2014-02-18
I'm having too good of a morning; I'd rather not read the comments. Stuff about "fat," "slut," "Hell," and "once a whore, always a whore" I'm sure.
Quad9Damage - 2014-02-18
And since this is XXXChurch, also plenty of Jesus fellating and
"these poor lost little lambs need God" and such.

yogarfield - 2014-02-25
"Yannick Messaoud
2 days ago

theses things make me laugh all mighty god my a$$ she still is one of the hottest pornstar ever"

The name, the youtube-public porn love, and the inability to type the word "ass" puts this guy in the Norman Bates echelon of possible sexfreaks.

Chancho - 2014-02-18
I can barely, just barely, masturbate to this.
infinite zest - 2014-02-18
Yeah I had to skip around to the part where I thought they'd start kissing, but it never happened. What gives!!?!? Oh wait this isn't the xtube forums.. uh oh :)

Meatsack Jones - 2014-02-18
I point to Betty Paige. Finding Jesus pretty much ruins your life.
Meatsack Jones - 2014-02-18
Also, "Loving on her" was a possible bad choice of words.
chumbucket - 2014-02-18
pretty amazing tank tops

and my jewelry says "I'm saved"
Pillager - 2014-02-18
"Chris Columbus2 months ago (edited)

Forget everything else... the worst part was her saying her fans are "disgusting". You're the one getting naked and getting rammed on film by 1000s of strange men, wasting all your money on drugs, and we're the disgusting ones?

It's called sexuality sweetheart.....and there's nothing wrong with it. Everyone masturbates! Sex is absolutely meaningless until you have it with someone who brings meaning TO IT. It's not a personal moment for you if you're doing a porn scene... it's simply sex. You aren't making love on film with someone you deeply care about, so all we saw was your naked body having sex. Big deal...some people & cultures walk around naked all day long.

You got paid major amounts just to let someone poke you with a penis for a few minutes, and you have the option of enjoying it and having an orgasm if you choose. All of that in exchange for ridiculous money while policemen and firemen get chump change by comparison. Big freaking deal.. The industry is not slavery... you have a choice to quit and the choice to never get into it in the first place. You're not some broke crack whore... you're a girl who clearly could of got an education and applied for a real job.. Some women also enjoy doing porn and consider filming sex a form of art and expression. To denounce porn just because you made bad choices is not fair to those who enjoy it.

Plus simply a year of doing porn you could have saved enough money to start your own business. But instead you squandered it all on drugs. So you basically endured all that embarrassment for NOTHING.

The rest of us are getting fucked at our jobs figuratively on a daily basis,. except there's no pleasure and it results in a shitty paycheck. Those same people are the ones buying your movies in order to produce that absurd paycheck you got, just so they can get a little pleasure in their own lives. Those are the people you are calling disgusting? YOU are disgusting. You wasted all your money on drugs and now you're blaming porn for your stupid mistakes. Sorry to say but you should blame your lack of education and self preservation.

The only thing that will save you is a lobotomy."

Never change, youtube.
Gmork - 2014-02-18
I'm sure the person who wrote that comment has the best life and no reason to vent angrily on the internet!

infinite zest - 2014-02-18
She makes a point, porn doesn't lead to drugs any more than stock broking does. I was dating a webcam model for a while and it was weird because I just had to leave my room, usually I'd just make breakfast, drink a beer and play Happywheels or something while she did what she did.

Like me, she was a drinker and a smoker but that's really about it as far as I know. Just a completely normal person who happens to do pornographic acts for a living that's better than mine.

EvilHomer - 2014-02-18
Yeah, that seems to be a common thread with the anti-porn/anti-sex crowd: making flimsy blanket condemnations based almost entirely on their own rather extreme life experiences. You see it with sex-hating Christians, you see it with sex-hating feminists, you see it with sex-hating anyone; the basic thinking pattern is, "I had a shitty experience with it, therefore, it must be inherently shitty."

baleen - 2014-02-18
I've dated sex workers as well.
The sex industry is awful and has no redeeming qualities.
Capitalism is disgusting and by its nature leads to sexual capitalism, which is more disgusting.
Women driving two hours into Portland so that they can dry hump assholes and prance about in front of gawking hipsters and "adventurous people" who are too cheap to pay them.
Fuck the fans, fuck the system.
I am happy that these women are able to get out of it even if it's by being born again.
I'm all for women getting treated well in the industry, and I think they deserve every penny they make, but man what a horrible business.

The reasons why women get into their business usually boils down to "I'm sexually harassed at /hr jobs too, or my body is destroyed doing it, so at least now I'm getting paid enough to pay rent and save some money on the side." And most women who work the industry make nowhere NEAR the levels that you think they're making.

EvilHomer - 2014-02-19
I think *Portland* may be your problem, not the sex working.

Jack Dalton - 2014-02-18
Truthfully, a lot of girls are pretty naive in that industry, and they are probably better off finding a purpose through Jesus or anything that gives them self esteem.

Let's be honest-- plenty of men enjoy the exploitation and humiliation of a woman... And they are moralist "slut shamers" when it's convenient for them. Yet those same men feel no shame watching porn, wishing they were among other headless fat guys jerking off in a bukkake scene.
CornOnTheCabre - 2014-02-18
i'm sorry, i've watched this video twice and i'm not seeing any of this "self esteem" you speak of

Jack Dalton - 2014-02-18
I'm glad you had time to watch it twice and reply to my comment...20 minutes well spent. I watched it for 30 seconds and reacted to 1. Misogynistic comments on YouTube and 2. I made an innocuous remark that some women might be better off not being in porn--not for moral reasons, I really don't care--but some 18 year old girls are insecure and seeking validation from sleazy assholes...they might be better off elsewhere. As long as there is no harm for all parties involved, then I welcome any display of fucking that brings joy to all.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-02-19
This. Jack Dalton nailed it, these stars are his.

>>Ii'm sorry, i've watched this video twice and i'm not seeing any of this "self esteem" you speak of

What does self-esteem look like? I didn't watch any of the video, but if SHE thinks that she's treating herself better now, I don't know whose opinion is more valid. Certainly not yours or mine.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-02-19
If you've seen The documentary "after porn", the ones who find Jesus tend to be the ones who were victims of childhood sexual abuse. For these poor damaged souls, it may be the best they can do.
Paracelsus - 2014-02-19
Christian exhibitionism is still exhibitionism. Maybe even more so.
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-02-23
Porn is a horrible, terrible, awful thing. It breeds so much evil in our culture, it's ridiculous. I don't have issues with sex either. I think it's great. But porn isn't sex. It's porn.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2014-02-24
This is actually how the Bene Gesserit begin.
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