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Desc:an improvement
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:snow, black metal, Benny Hill, Scandanavia, derp
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Comment count is 12
As tired as the Benny Hill theme is, I lost it at :04. Four stars, because it needs more burning churches, as well as the Dead suicide and Euronymous stabby footage that I believe exists in some grubby, uncovered henge in Norway.
It kinda doesn't work since all the footage is from The Black Satans who are a satire black metal band.
Thank goodness for that. Their inability to walk menacingly in the snow was making me feel sorry for them.

The thing that really gets me about the Black Satans is how few people realize that they're satire. Check out the comments on the original video; hell, even the existence of this Yakety Sax remix which, as SP correctly observes, doesn't really work! They're the black metal Poe's Law.

Black metal is already a parody of itself, and it has some of the most humourless beardo fanboys on the face of the earth.

Who the fuck was that joke band that was all over the place back in Web 1.0, the one that did nothing but black metal covers of N'Sync and Britney Spears songs? I was going to mention them as an example of a black metal parody that actually works, because the parody is obvious even to people who have no knowledge of black metal (or CHRISTIANS, as we liked to call them!) but I can't find the band now.

Anyway, a thought. We had a rash of late 80s hair metal parody bands, like Steel Panther, and now we're seeing some early 90s black metal parodies, like these douchebags... so are we now on the verge of seeing some late 90s numetal parody bands?

it doesn't matter because ALL black metal videos look like this to me anyway

Not what you're looking for, but add to the list Impaled Northern Moonforest, an acoustic black metal parody by a dude from Anal Cunt.

Parody or not, that ridiculous walk still gets stars.. as does the guy headbanging weakly with a flaming torch because he's trying not to set himself on fire.
Probably would have been just as funny with the original music, if not more so. These stars are for the little hoe-down dance and tree humping.
A SIGNIFICANT improvement.
Hey, mind the loipe fellas. What kind of Norwegians are you anyways?
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