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Desc:Also, Idiot cooks chicken nuggets without being home.
Category:Crime, Educational
Tags:beagle, beagle gets into hot oven
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Comment count is 12
The longest I've ever seen a beagle keep its mouth shut, five stars right there.
My dog used to push chairs to get up on the counters like that. But she would raid the fruit bowl instead of the oven. Took us a while to figure out where all that fruit was going.
infinite zest
5 stars for "What my beagle does when are not home!" I use crockpot make soup go work, what if cat got in crockpot?
Cat make good slow cooking, are tasty treat!

I hope this post makes that beagle guy who never gets his stupid vids out of the hopper really mad
think it would make him happy, since this is probably one of his videos.

infinite zest
And just like that, zurf's true identity as "that beagle guy who never gets his stupid vids out of the hopper" is made public.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
These "Peanuts" reruns are getting really dark.
My God. They've learned how to use toaster ovens
Whoa, time to leave for work! Let me just put 12 McNuggets in this toaster oven and turn it on. They'll be nice and crispy in eight hours!
How does an asshole like Bob get such a great kitchen?
That guy
for the page title
starving, forced = smelled them
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