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Desc:Thinning the herd
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:Rat, Vomit, pay it forward, neknominate, tribal tattoo
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Comment count is 11
A century ago we owned half the planet.

Still, I think this guy's won. Not one of you sorry lot is going to be able to top that.
The guy who chugged two pints of gin would be upset to hear you say that. Lucky for him, he's dead.

MacGyver Style Bomb
"Should it blend?" This is the question!
I didn't finish watching.
Wow. Just... wow.
I expected him to just float it in a glass and swallow it whole like a python.
Smug cool face as I drink a ground up rat.
Patient Property
20 years of being on the internet and this is one of maybe five things that have ever actually produced a visceral reaction of disgust in me. guy drinks rat, you are now up there with chechnyan beheading. may god have mercy on all our souls.
it gets worse: this is part of an e-drinking game where people do shit like this, then tap a few others to try to one-up them. 5 confirmed deaths in the uk, no joke. i went through a menagerie of people chugging blended rodents, raw eggs and rum, but this guy had the douche-bag panache that just speaks champion.

Old People
That is the haircut of a rat-drinking man.
Jet Bin Fever
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