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Desc:I'd say this is POE-worthy enough to forgive the sideways orientation.
Category:Arts, Horror
Tags:toy, mechanical, nightmare fuel, Licking
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il fiore bel
I'm surprised it never had its own horror movie. (this video doesn't count)
I'll be honest, when I saw "drinking" as the first word when this was still in the hopper, my first thought that it was going to be another video of a guy putting something weird in a blender and then "drinking" the resulting mush.

Pretty cool toy. I wonder what the light source for the eyes is? If it's vintage, it's obviously not going to be LEDs, so I guess it's a small light bulb? Must be a huge battery drain.
Probably a little 12 volt or something bulb. All these old toys used like half a dozen D cells so it probably lasted for a few hours.

Pope Caius
It's like something that'd be placed in a horror game for your character to step on and startle the bejeezus out of you before you realize it's a literal cat scare.
I haven't heard someone use that term since Psychotronic was still in print, thank you!

Pope Caius
I watch far more Silent Hill Let's Plays than most would be comfortable admitting so it's a regular part of my vocabulary.

I think the sideways orientation improves it.
This is eerily similar to how I drink.
Jet Bin Fever
I can only imagine how loud that sound is in person. I would love to slightly damage one just to get great metallic bangs and whirs out of the thing.
That guy
So lick Wow
Cute Much eyes
Xenagama Warrior Princess
What part of fresh Hell did this thing putter out of?
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