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Desc:Old nun with lisp speaks eloquently on passion and eroticism in art
Tags:Sister Wendy, Caravaggio, Rubens, gushy realism, rent boys
Submitted:Jane Error
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Comment count is 6
Wow, this is great, not what I was expecting at all! She's a little on the goofy side, but she's very passionate and fantastically insightful. I just about lost it when she said "rent boys"... but yeah, that's probably what they were!

I'm surprised Caravaggio isn't a linked tag. I never cared much for Rubens*, but Caravaggio was dead brilliant, and he was such an asshole that I'm sure there's got to be some real lurid biographies out there.

*(Sister Wendy does a pretty good job of rehabilitating him, but I still think Rubens was a weedy company man)
Jane Error
A lot of her stuff is on YouTube--definitely worth checking out. Shows tend to be a mix of "greatest hits" of Western art and strange pieces that speak to her particular preferences (I love that she's not the hugest fan of Picasso, for instance).

And make no mistake, she is as religious as it gets. She's a consecrated virgin and hermit and spends her life in contemplation of God's love. But on the side she does this stuff, where she is thoroughly progressive and accepting of all of humanity's complexities. It's nice to see that it's possible to be devout and not turn one's brain off.

Jimmy Labatt
I used to watch this show regularly. This woman can tell you more about a painting in five minutes than most art historians can throughout their entire careers.
Is her show still on? And what sort of other art does she talk about? Does she ever touch on contemporary artwork? I'd love to hear her take on Piss Christ or one of Hirst's installations!

Oh well clop on my face, I just checked into it, and Sister Wendy not only discussed Piss Christ, but her view is quoted prominently on Piss Christ's official Wikipedia page!

"...she regarded the work as not blasphemous but a statement on "what we have done to Christ": that is, the way contemporary society has come to regard Christ and the values he represents.[16]"

Bully for her.

Jet Bin Fever
She's amazing. I hope I get to heaven so I can have a nice chat with her.
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