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Desc: By Kibo, the youtube comments...
Category:Crime, Science & Technology
Tags:cyberpunk, first world problems, Sarah Slocum, glasshole, techno shock
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Comment count is 13
Born in the RSR
"Glassholes" just became word of the year.
One of the regulars where I'm working saw a kid with Google Glass the other day. That's the kind of shit you have to deal with being on the edge of the Brown University campus.
It's like riding a Segway except with more government tracking.

ACtually no, replace "segway" with "deely boppers"

I also live in Providence.

Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, fuck this thing. I plan on "accidentally" knocking them off a lot of peoples' heads and stepping on them.
What the fuck is wrong with you people? Just ignore them.

I've never seen anyone wearing these (I'm in rural Wisconsin for fucks sakes). I feel like if i did, I'd probably have the same reaction as seeing someone with a really futuristic looking bluetooth earpiece. Something along the lines of "get a load of this asshole!".
Pretty much. Not sure if you can communicate hands free on these things (gut says yes) but that's got to triple the d-bag factor at the very least.

I miss Zam Zam.
I threw a house party during what was apparently the beta period for these things and some pathetic nerd I didn't invite showed up with these on and stood around the whole time using them in a manner that betrayed his burning desire for somebody please anybody to ask him about them and to my knowledge nobody ever did. He drank a light beer that he had brought himself and left after an hour.
cool story bro

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