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Desc:Archie is down on his luck, Can you help Archie?
Category:General Station, Arts
Tags:depression, cry for help, archieluxury, fuckers, fuckeroonies
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infinite zest
I didn't know Archie lived in Brisbane Australia. I'll be in Canberra in the next couple of months to visit my uncle, which might be the last time I get to see him. If I get the chance to pop up to Brisbane I'll try to track down Archie and get a whateverthefuckitis beer they drink down there (it's definitely not Fosters).
Jet Bin Fever

Jet Bin Fever
And you should lure Archie out by promising to be a subservient Asian lady/ladyboy.

infinite zest
The ladyboy will probably be easier to find than good beer :(

Didn't someone from poe try to make contact with Archie already, and wound up getting murdered by him?

Please don't die, IZ.

That was me, but I didn't die (yet).

It took a while to orchestrate, but I actually visited Archibald at his home yesterday. Barely escaped with my life*.
Got him to say a 10-second greeting that I recorded on my mobile phone, which must have been overcome by Archie's awesomeness as it hasn't worked the same since.
Will submit it with a "short and sweet" tag tomorrow.

Oh, and a few other treats...a couple of signed photos, an "I love asian women" bumper sticker, and Archie's personal tube of rubbing compound, for my car.

*Anal virginity

congrats morva! I thought for sure you were on Archie's slave ship to Thailand

Oscar Wildcat
I'm glad we cleared that up: I too thought Morva was duct taped to the radiator in Archie's basement.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Help him? Well, I'd consider pissing on him if he was on FIYEAH
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