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Desc:1992 PSA
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:safe sex, sinbad, condoms, how the mighty have fallen
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Comment count is 12
Herr Matthias
I remember watching this in 8th grade health class. No, I have nothing more to add.
Yellow Lantern
That is word-for-word what I was going to type.

how the "might" have fallen? what are you talking about, this was probably the highest point of Sinbad's career.
Yellow Lantern
The highest point of Sinbad's career was his cameo on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" alongside Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20.

infinite zest
I find myself, in the midst of current stand-up comedy routines, most of which are about the same topics, genuinely nostalgic for his kind of 90s comedy.

That guy
I approve of this semi-sarcastic tag.

3 for ? That's outrageous. You can get a 12 pack for .
infinite zest
I was thinking that too. I don't pay for them because I just go to Planned Parenthood or the University and pretend I'm a student and they give 'em out for free, so I just take a big handful.

I wonder if condoms used to be more expensive back in the 90s because of the AIDS scare and less effective or proven methods of contraception, such as IUDs? Obviously an IUD won't protect you from STDs, but once you decide to rawdog it with someone you trust, there's really no need for them.

I've never seen a 12-pack for though.. where do you find them? I'm um.. asking for a friend.

Big Lots.

infinite zest
That's what...
*Removes sun glasses*
*Puts sunglasses back on*
I called 411 and she said there aren't any Big Lots in my region.

Yeah, back when I was still socially functional enough to actually have a sex life, free condoms were so easy to find - at the university, at any one of the health clinics, even at the local hipster coffee shop - that I don't think I ever paid for a single condom.

At 3 for , fuck it, I'll take my chances.

The Mothership
Slide whistle -- you know, to underline the seriousness of HIV.
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