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Desc:Apparently this is a 'thing' with a few people on Youtube.
Tags:dance, turkey, gesticulation, rage the Phish
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Comment count is 9
this song is so dumb that it made me laugh hard
I dont know anything about Phish except they are a Grateful Dead-type jam band, but since theres no vocals here and the jam is fairly funky, what is so dumb?

Then I recommend the 'Analyze Phish' podcast episodes on earwolf in which Harris Wittels tries to convince Scott Aukerman to enjoy Phish.

Phish is awful and I'm pretty sure dubbing them over footage of Turkish men constitutes a war crime.

Syd Midnight
Phish is like the Grateful Dead if they took music lessons

Grandmaster Funk
Phish is indeed possessed of more technical skill than the Dead, but the Dead had a certain heart and sincerity that isn't matched by Phish's goofy, clowning vibe. All in all, they're both great bands that put on great shows, but it's hip to rag on them because hippies. Personally, I find Phish's lyrics too insipid too really listen to them much anymore.

Hip for good reason! I will grant you that Phish are better musicians than the Dead, in the same sense that Nirvana were better musicians than Lou Reed, or Twiztid were better musicians than ICP. But yeah, there's no heart to Phish, so they will *always* play the Twiztid to the Dead's ICP.

It's just dumb sounding.. Bise, I do listen to that podcast and i fucking love it. Harry Hood, baby
meant as reply

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