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Desc:Words cannot do this justice
Category:Educational, Short Films
Tags:kids, Superhero, childrens film, creating rem lezar
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Comment count is 16
Several years back I had the song at 45:13 as my ringtone. I always lose it when he appears and starts gesticulating mildly. I love you Rem Lezar.
Holy shit. Rem Lezar's first role was in motherfucking Porky's.

And this is him now: http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=nhEQ066WDAA

He was also the grungy blond mechanic in that homophobic Snickers commercial that caused such a hullabaloo a while back:


I bought this for a dollar on VHS at the video store trying to get rid of all their VHSes while my brother was buying chicken feed at the farm and fleet across the street. I also bought Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter and some other VHS I forget. When he broke into that song 2 minutes in with the brilliant rhyme scheme: "When I'm Dreaming/I'm Dreaming/Of a Dream" I knew this one was the best investment.
That first sentence is pretty damn amazing. I've been looking for this VHS for years, and the day I find one is the day I loudly shit myself in joy in whatever Goodwill or Church Library I happen to be in at the time.

I was looking online for this last night (in 2017) and the cheapest I could find it was $60. Almost worth it, to be honest.

Jet Bin Fever
It is a TRAVESTY that it took this many years to finally post this up here. I thought I saw it here back in 2007, but maybe I just saw a clip from it that led me to Youtube to watch the whole thing. Either way, it's a masterpiece and it's about time.
A feel-good classic romp for the whole family. Every frame a masterpiece.
This is just magical.
I think you meant "WHAT an amazing piece of Cinema!", right?

Joelkazoo's comment is why I began watching.

That Evil Face song must be inspired by King Diamond
I'm liking this Creme Lazer bloke.
I'm just gonna five and favorite this for later based on the thirty or so seconds I watched
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