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Desc:A confession.
Tags:vegans, bravery, kitteh, John Sakars, extraordinary people
Submitted:James Woods
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Comment count is 15
Yeah... putting up a video where you admit violating a cat with this as the description:
"I am being respectful and mature in this video, so please be respectful and mature in your comments."

That'll work out great, I'm sure.
This is extraordinary. I'm glad we're all friends here at poeTV.
asian hick
These morons think they're having an impact on meat production.

It kind of irritates me that they go to the extreme of "Okay, our goal is to get the WHOLE PLANET to stop eating meat." instead of starting somewhere near "Let's lobby to get more strict livestock raising laws In place".

I wouldn't mind paying 2x, 4x, even 8x as much for meat (or more), as long as my extra money is going towards the animals not living in hell. Id rather meat were more scarce (we don't need a fast food joint on every corner) and more appreciated.

But seriously, fuck this guy.
"I wouldn't mind paying 2x, 4x, even 8x as much for meat (or more)"

Market research suggests you're full of shit.

Just sayin'.

*He* might not mind, being the high-falluting Hollywood liberal millionaire that he is, but yeah, I don't think Gmork speaks for the masses.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Soon we will be able to grow chicken breasts and burgers with no nervous systems. Seriously! There is big money behind that kind of research.

Yeah, biotech is the meat of the future. I'd be all for phasing out factory farming, just so long as it's replaced with delicious low-cost test-tube meat!

Of course, phasing out intensive farming would be a mixed blessing for farm animals, since the only reason we keep so many of them alive is because we use them them for meat, eggs, and dairy. Once science makes these animals outlive their usefulness, they aren't going to be released back into the wild; their populations will be severely culled, butchered in a mass holocaust, and the scant few survivors of those bloody days will be kept around for labor intensive, premium-cost "organic" meats, marketed to the rich white city-dwellers who can afford the luxury of ignoring the industrial revolution when it does not suit their conscience.

There's already a machine that grows chicken meat. It's called 'the the rest of the chicken'.

In that biopic where Claire Daines plays Temple Grandin, she says something along the lines of "animals give their lives for us, and we owe them respect." That's sort of how I feel.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
That preview image. Is he about to start feeling on his nipples?
Xenagama Warrior Princess
The best part about this video is the description, name, submitter and category synergy.

Five stars for the cat story, though. I'm sure that will help him sell books.
James Woods
Also his balls are dripping with maple syrup,

Boomer The Dog
"We eat meat sir!" That's what my friend Ric barked to people who thought that Furries were animal rights activists.

Interesting how he's cross connecting bestiality and eating meat to make a soup of 'bad', that's what it sounds like.

In my research it seems like lots of kids have had contact with pets, and most move on to Humans. I'd bark to anyone struggling with it later, you don't have to feel guilty, we're all mammals.

I can't see it as a problem, unless you're stuck in a loop with animals when you really wanted to get married and raise a family.

James Woods
Good boy! You're a good dog! Yes you are!

Jet Bin Fever
I wish I had a VEGAN hat. It better be made of actual vegan though.
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