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Desc:Man trolls several news programs as chef 'inspired by GG Allin.' A living legend, people.
Category:Humor, News & Politics
Tags:Chef, cooking, gg allin, milwaukee, chef keith
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Comment count is 10
This music festival vendor up here makes mashed potato crepe-cones with gravy sauce and the hippies eat the hell out of them at 8 bucks apiece.
"Chef Keith" is actually Nick of the FFF. Was going to submit this link, but never got around to it.
I thought this was Kenny K Strasser, what is the FFF?

oh wait, i read the watermark on the video.

infinite zest
Huh.. I don't really get it, but I like it.. the thing is there's this place in Portland called Awesome Cone that did exactly what he's doing, basically savory food in an ice cream cone. I still have my idea for "Hopelessly Vegan," an all-vegan restaurant except for bacon, because bacon's the vegan's weakness, but there's a bacon repository in case you don't want it. Like a willpower thing.

I was googling him to see if I could find an actual GG Allin inspiration but to no avail, but all these midwest news stations are like "OMG He's terrorizing our networks with "terrible" food.. A.) I think that food looks tasty and B.) I think it's overall a good idea to use leftovers in a creative way, even though it's fake.

You know this guy is one of the founding members of the Found Film Festival?
I would like that vegan restaurant idea if the vegan's were actually led into an abattoir and converted into bacon, which was then served as field roast at a normal vegan restaurant.

infinite zest
Ah yes.. Thee "I kill everything I fuck" abattoir, in true GG spirits.

I love how the host seems programmed just to play along. I'm sure no matter how stupid, banal, or boring a guest is she has to put them over.
That guy
Yeah, and le chef pushes it to just the right level.

Jet Bin Fever
This got a report on NPR a few days ago. Really funny stuff.
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