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Desc:Banned internationally.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Zombies, South Park, Abortion, operation, Ow my balls
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Comment count is 22
Those libertarians are still going with their show?
infinite zest
I don't think it's ever going to end. As long as something significant happens in the week, that's probably what the new South Park is about.

infinite zest
I don't watch it very often but when I do it's more fun that "wait wait don't tell me" amirite guys? Paula poundstone molested children

Yep, still going, and it's still at the top of it's game! No Simpsons Syndrome for Southpark.

They were a little late to the party with their Psy references, however.

I still watch it, but I think they've lost a few steps. Sometimes they do get a bit too preachy, but it still has a lot of great parts.

They lost me with ManBearPig.

You want to make fun of climate change? Fine. You'll use Al Gore as your foil? 'Kay. What've you got for me?

Let's see, you made one of the most easily imitated monotone voices into something that says things nonsensical like "super serial," and then you have him go nuts in a cave with a shotgun the same week Dick Cheney shoots someone in the face with an actual shotgun.

I mean, yeah, they lean right, and that's fine, so long as they don't let it get in the way of being entertaining. All too often, the show veers away from satire to "we HATE this guy/thing because it's STOOOPID" territory. I found it really ironic when they called out Richard Dawkins for being a giant douche to one's opponents, when that's what they'd do almost every week.

Meh. Their musical is doing well, so maybe they'll move on.

Syd Midnight
That's how you know they're Republican, the only people I have ever heard mentioning Al Gore as an expert on climate change are conservatives.

Sucks balls

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
I have no problem admitting I laugh at most South Park episodes (holy fuck though did the movie not age well). no way though.

In other depressing game news, nearly one week after release, the new Thief game is still stuck at a Metacritic rating of 69, which is abyssal considering the 7-9 rating system for big studio releases. It was even done by the Human Revolution team! Fuck a duck.
but honestly its about as long as most big name company games, and if you love the show i would say that its worth the 60 bucks to play it now. im about four hours in and still having a lot of fun with it. its a great fan service.
the new thief, however, was not what was promised. its a linear mess that just doesnt feels like a 'thief' game. its more of a low budget dishonored. so yeah i think the 69 (being the mid range-average game) is about right.

Eidos Montreal has already laid off 24 people, I think.

On the one hand, the game (I hear) is better than most fans expected, but on the other, it sounds like the plot is an unwieldy mess of leftovers from several attempts to write the story that don't make any sense at the end. For the time it spent in development, it's a miracle it turned out as well as it did.

Maybe it's decent enough for some, but it's not looking to be a justification of the money and manpower put into putting it out.

And Human Revolution wasn't without it's problems, too, though I think I'd blame most of that on consoles (like memory limitations meaning there's only one apartment building in all of Detroit where EVERYTHING happens).

Jet Bin Fever
You should just play the Dark Project or Thief 2 over and over and over, and then download some user made Thief maps and play those. There will never be another enemy as cool as the "Haunt", in any game, ever. If you don't believe me, just listen to their soundfiles.

Jet Bin Fever
shit! I accidentally rated this. Oh well.

So is this game worth a $ 60 Steam purchase or should I wait for a big sale?
You might want to wait for Obsidian to do a little patching.

My game has crashed a few times.

South park was never funny. Ever. Even when I was 12.
Stop trolling oddeye! You hate Breaking Bad, The Dark Knight, and now South Park?!?!?!? You can't hate any of those things because they are awesome. You're just saying you hate them so you can sound cool and different.

They definitely aren't as good as monday night smackdown or whatever.

South Park has pointy knees & sharp elbows.

Sexy Duck Cop
Oddeye doesn't even OWN a Terminator 2!

A game finally finds a use for quick time events, and of all things it's South Park.
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