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Desc:We're less than a decade from this being a plank of the GOP platform
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:conspiracy, alex jones, chemtrails, Roxy Lopez, Geoengineering
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I was hearing a scientist who was convinced we'd have to start doing things like seeding clouds with reflective materials to mitigate global warming, and my first thought was "oh, yeah, that won't cause mobs of people with 'morgellons' and Coast to Coast listeners to start firebombing universities."
wouldn't these particles come back down to the surface though? Maybe they can be made of some super-biodegradable non-toxic material, I don't know. Also, you'ed probably need a shit ton of the stuff and have to replenish the "clouds" or whatever all the time too right?

No idea. It was rattled off as a list of other things that were in the theoretical realm like giant solar shields put between the Earth and the sun. I think the main thrust was the speaker was convinced it's all too late to do much by conservation, and that we should start planning more physical solutions before Europe becomes a desert and storms wreck our food production, etc.

On the up side, more violent storms means less drones, right? :)

almost every mechanical method of geo-engineering would cost and require -- massive -- amounts of energy/resources to achieve anything measurable. The scale and cost of what would need to be done is just beyond the ability of any one country.

biological geo-engineering seems to be the only realistic method. Worldwide re-forestation projects, rebuilding wetlands and marshlands, and the like.

Wouldn't it depend on the ultimate effects of climate change? It's no good planting a forest if F5 tornadoes keep ripping them out.

you have a stupid point there.

We could always do the Fallout-style Vault thing. Drainage is a bitch, though.

Of course, what's hysterical is that this is a "Chemtrails aren't the fantasy YOU think they are, they're a completely DIFFERENT FANTASY!" video.

Also, this part of the description had me pondering for a second or two:

"This is there rational."

It took me a bit to realize they'd meant to type, "This is their rationale." It still needs a colon, too, but I'm not doing all the work for them.
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