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Desc:There was a time when this happened.
Category:Horror, Classic TV Clips
Tags:dancing, dwarves, mason reese, tappy tap tap, little hat
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Comment count is 14
fedex - 2014-03-06
he is so fat now
baleen - 2014-03-06
Well, if you have nothing nice to say...

fedex - 2014-03-06
I'll say how fat he is

blase - 2014-03-06
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-03-06
haha. Well done.

jaunch - 2014-03-06
Why the hell would adults want to watch this television program? I don't get it.
xennui - 2014-03-06
Why the hell would anyone put that face on television? The horror....

baleen - 2014-03-06
How could you 4 star this you awful, awful person.

xennui - 2014-03-06
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to denigrate the evilness. There just weren't enough screams coming out of my mouth to warrant a '5.' Rating here are admittedly pretty binary, in the future I'll cut the subtly.

5 for evil :P

xennui - 2014-03-06
And I can't type today.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious - 2014-03-06
That's not really dancing.
boner - 2014-03-06
And now, for our amusement, a song and dance performed by a tone-deaf midget with flat feet.
That guy - 2014-03-09
...and now to reframe the cavalcade of run-of-the-mill failures that is your life, MASON REECE EVERYBODY!!!

exy - 2014-03-07
i sought this back out, so 5. needs "singin in the rain" tag.
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