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Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:SCIENCE!, neurology, Sicilians
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Comment count is 12
wtf japan
In before fedorati start claiming to be "pro-social psychopaths."
Yeah, I'm still waiting given research like this and shows like Dexter and Hannibal for "Pro-social Psychopath" to be the new self-diagnosed disorder to replace Asperger's.

James Woods
Man, I inaccurately diagnosed myself as a pro-social psychopath years ago. Old news.

Bitch, I'm PROTO-social sociopath.

infinite zest
aww. I'm just a regular psychopath :(

James Woods

I don't watch any of the videos on this site.

Syd Midnight
My favorite non-evil sociopath was Goren on Law & Order:CI He could play people liken a violin but he was sworn to be a good guy because his mom was bad-crazy.

Syd Midnight

Is this what Jimmy Fallon looks like without makeup? Dayum.
infinite zest
Hey now, the Tonight Show's a stressful job. Plus the camera adds ten to fifteen pounds.

infinite zest
I mean, ten to one hundred

Well that's 15 minutes I'll never get back.
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