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Desc:PETA sure knows what kids these days like
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:martin mull, PETA, bea arthur, Andy Dick, elvira
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infinite zest
Elvira's vegan? I thought she sacrificed frogs. Had to assume she or one of the other Party Monsters would eat them afterwords..
Nothing necessarily wrong with veganism itself, the problem with PETA is the monomaniacal intensity of their adherence to an inflexible ideology.

I wouldn't discount many celebs not exactly being up on what PETA is like. They get approached by tons of charities, and who doesn't like doggies or kitties?

Then their images are used for the Westboro Baptist version of the Humane Society.

Stars because this video was more painful than the "Vegan Oral Sex" video.

Ok, I just watched some actual laugh it because I hadn't seen it since they reran it on Nickelodeon when I was a kid. It's almost as bad as this.

infinite zest
The big problem is groups like PETA and that vegan pussy licker guy perpetuate the age-old stereotype that us vegans aren't funny.

The biggest problem with groups in general is the most visible members tend to be the worst ones.

At 2:16 there's the same laugh that was on Lasagna Cat and one of Zach Galifianakis' skits.
Jet Bin Fever
Andy Dick and Bea Arthur was probably the most unusual pairing for me.
Never figured out all the hate towards PETA (except for the no kill shelter thing, and I see both sides of the story on that one). There's a lot of aging comedic talent here, but not everything has to be for the kids. The real Laugh In was no better.
Their most audacious stunt yet.
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