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Desc:Can it be Goons Week?
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:mermaid, nightmare fuel, somethingawful, goons
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Comment count is 15
infinite zest
At least now I know that the goons leave the house once in a while. Good for them.
Jet Bin Fever
Let's close this SA Goon Pandora's Box. It is endless and teaches us nothing.
I agree, the world doesn't need all this misery.

What is a Goon? A miserable pile of secrets.

Kind of agree.
We do not have the resources necessary to start wars with troll empires. We are simple Mystics, gathering twigs in the mountains. We keep to ourselves our here. The Pattern must be protected.

And when they come, to take our women and defile our Holy Places, what would you have us do then, old man?

What good is this ancient power we guard, if we cannot use it against the armies of the Defiled Ones?!

Honestly, though, we're probably almost as bad. Hitting a bit too close to home etc.

Nah, we're not quite THAT bad. Well not always.

Anyhow, I don't want to start a war with them, I just want to observe them and learn about their ways.

God. I haven't been to somethingawful in years.

They had a guy who did the music reviews just to purposefully piss people off. I always felt bad for a friend of mine who'd get red in the face angry at those reviews and would refuse to believe that it was done to intentionally piss people of. I miss the days when trolling meant something.

Not quite THAT bad, no. I wouldn't be caught dead cosplaying as Ariel in a comic book store, commercial or no commercial; in fact, I haven't even been in a comic book store for nigh on six years now, and the only reason I went that time was to pick up a Joss Whedon graphic novel for my then girlfriend.

On the other hoof, I have two Pony plushies which watch Netflix with me and snuggle with me at night. So, Maud and glass houses.

Sexy Duck Cop
EvilHomer: I would be genuinely shocked if even a handful of are as bad as the average goon. Trust me. There's a lot of terrible opinions and posters/memedumpsters on this site, but their tedium is a function of their banal opinions. Goons will "ironically" shit their pants as they "ironically" pretend to gang-rape the only girl present as they "ironically" modify their Optimus Prime toy for angry pinching sex.

out here
That guy
Multiple jailable offenses in Oklahoma state law.
Sexy Duck Cop
Cry havoc and let slip the goons of war.
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