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Desc:I made something 4 people will think is great.
Category:News & Politics, Pets & Animals
Tags:Zizek, Keyboard Cat, poetv original
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Comment count is 16
Boy, fuck all of this. Sorry, misterbuns.

I honestly can't tell the difference between the original Slavoj and the fake one.
The link got fucked up when I updated it. I accidentally linked another episode instead of the first.
infinite zest
What's going on here?
Mistakes and and accidents. You have the power to either upvote the replacement link or let this video sink into obscurity.

infinite zest
I was referring to the "poetv original" tag. I didn't vote on this at all.

Oh, there was a bit of discussion earlier about people submitting their own videos. Misterbuns clearly decided that it's okay as long as there's full disclosure.

infinite zest
Oh! Hi Mr. Misterbuns! 5 for the concept and the quality (compare and contrast with my Johnny Yes Papa video I drunkenly made with my iPhone a couple of weeks ago.) I'm actually not too familiar with Zizek (I was a Philosophy major, but we never read him (I graduated in '04 before the movie came out and he got more mainstream recognizion)) but this is totally spot on :)

Poetv original 4 lyfe !

why not call it a pervert's guide to responding to youtube?
use all the dark patterns to increase your clickbait power level

5 stars for the keystone cops submission process you have utilized
I though about that: Having him on level ground with the viewer. But the idea of an unseen captor seemed funnier. I liked the idea of zizek not being in control of what he is analyzing and in a hostile environment. The overly styled but essentially empty design of shows like "kids react to..." seemed a good foil to zizeks dour filthiness on a visual level and I think it ended up working on a character one too. It also gave him an end point ( see the last episode)

enjoyed all 4, thanks
I found the Zizek parody hilarious. Ending could use a little work; I'd rather it ended with a Zizek conclusion about KBC than madcap effects.
Jet Bin Fever
It's a pretty good impression. I had dinner with Zizek once, and he went on and on about the most banal thing during dinner, I can't even remember what it was.
That guy
That is amazing.
misterburns you gotta put up the other ones

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