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Desc:mini-doc on hannibal buress's experience at the Gathering Of The Juggalos
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:juggalos, gotj, bath salts, Hannibal Buress, drug bridge
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Comment count is 14
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-03-21
For the last 10 seconds. WHEEEE!
Prickly Pete - 2014-03-21
Glad he appeared to have a good time.
infinite zest - 2014-03-21
If you listen to early insane clown posse, it's incredibly racist, homophobic and antisemetic stuff. I think they've toned that down a bit more recently, but I'm still surprised a black man who also falls into "hipster" comedy would A.) Agree to perform and B.) Be asked to perform.
Prickly Pete - 2014-03-22
Wow dude WHAT? Early Insane Clown Posse? You mean like their first fucking album as Insane Clown Posse, "Carnival Of Carnage" from 1992 that features the song "Your Rebel Flag" that constantly says "Fuck Your Rebel Flag" and is about how horrible racism is? Or the song of their second lp, "Ringmaster," that has the song "Mr Johnson's Head" about killing a teacher because he's a racist? You're a mad man. Antisemitic? What in God's name are you referring to there? Homophobic, ok yah they say fag more times than I care for, but it's in the sense that all dumbass kids use it, certainly nothing like "Kill all the gays!"

Prickly Pete - 2014-03-22
Anti-racism is without a doubt one of--if not THE--biggest theme of ICP music. "Redneck Hoe," "Chicken Huntin," "Piggy Pie," "The Dirt Ball," "Joker's Wild," and "Terrible" just off the top of my head have strong anti-racism message. Where did you get your info? I fucking defy you to prove me wrong on this, because you can't.

EvilHomer - 2014-03-22
I spoke with Violent J once, and he told me that he, quote, "hates it when niggers come to ICP shows". Then he gave me the Nazi salute and lynched a Mexican dude.

But yeah, there's a big difference between calling someone a fag and advocating the socio-political oppression of homosexuals. Judging a particular lifestyle may not be something we all approve of, but there's really nothing wrong with that unless it transitions to outright violence and coercion, e.g. "kill all gays!" For example, I make fun of juggalos. I don't approve of juggalos and if my kids were ever infected I'd sure as shit send them to a Jesus Camp to cure them of the clown, but that doesn't mean I want juggalos to have their rights taken away by the government or be beaten to death in the streets. I am no juggaphobe. Tolerating them and condoning them are two different things.

infinite zest - 2014-03-22
I tolerate them, I even used to work with one. The particular song I'm referring to I can't find, so you win, but it was publicized after the "Miracles" song brought ICP more into the mainstream lens. The news story may have been missing what could have been tongue-in-cheek, but it was basically "fuck the fags and the jews" or something along those lines and that ICP was the Master Race. Something like that.

I'm also a little biased because I lived in the midwest long enough to see enough Juggalos who were extremely homophobic and racist, but of course you can't control your fanbase. It also doesn't help when the majority of said documented fanbase is white.

Prickly Pete - 2014-03-22
Wow man whoever reported that is just straight up lying. There's no song, even a tongue-in-cheek one, that says anything close to "Fuck the fags and the Jews". Maybe you were reading a satirical article? I can't explain that, but I can tell you that that song doesn't exist. I can't even imagine what they would've taken so blatantly out of context as to come to an interpretation like that, but there are 0 songs that has the message of "ICP is the master race". Obviously it's no surprise that somebody would make that up just to make Juggalos look bad but I can assure you and everyone else that it's not true. I've been listening to ICP for 15 years and have quite literally heard every song they've ever made AT LEAST dozens of times. I know what I'm talking about.

EvilHomer - 2014-03-22
So I take it "Fuck the World" has an exemption clause for fags and Jews?

And what about things like, "I wouldn't trade 10 Juggalos for a hundred thousand mainstream fans"? Sure seems like the ICP considers juggalos to be some sort of sacred elite, superior to all other men.

I don't think they're a WP band, but they sure as shit think juggalos are the master race.

Prickly Pete - 2014-03-22
Both of those are preposterous arguments. I suspect you know that already so I won't bother combating them unless you really, really need me to, but it would just be a waste of everyone's time because that logic is clearly gobledeegook.

The New Meat - 2014-03-22
"I don't approve of juggalos and if my kids were ever infected I'd sure as shit send them to a Jesus Camp to cure them of the clown"

I would expect a brony to show more love and tolerance. For shame.

EvilHomer - 2014-03-22
How so? Gays and Jews are covered by "Fuck the World", are they not? Gays and Jews *are* part of the world, so QED. Besides, ICP makes direct reference to homophobia:

"... You probably like it in the rump ... Fuck disco"

and anti-semitism:

"Fuck pre-schoolers, fuck rulers/ Kings and Queens and __gold jewelers__"

in that song, so really, it's your argument that is preposterous gobledeegook.

As for ICP believing they're the Master Race, tell me, am I *wrong*? Doesn't ICP seize every opportunity to preach their own clownified version of the Chosen People doctrine? Juggalos are the greatest, mainstreamers are scum, etc etc? If you're saying that ICP is not a white power band, then I'd probably agree with you. ICP is (somewhat) colorblind. But they are without a doubt cultural supremacists, perhaps even religious supremacists. They don't care what color skin you have, so long as you think and act exactly how they want you to. Do that, and you're one of the Master Race! Reject the Clown, and you're little more than a mewling subhuman.

Prickly Pete - 2014-03-23
You're just trolling. You must be. I know you are. If we were face to face I'd shut you down on everything you said, and you know this. Just take my word for it and acknowledge you're wrong because I've been a Juggalo for over a decade and I know what we are about. They could not be less about white supremacy or ANY kind of supremacy, I promise you. The lyrics you cited make no kind of any sense out of context, and even out out context you'd be hard pressed to make a white supremacist argument. Does "Gold Jewelers" say Jewish to you? That's on you, guy. I'd hate you if I weren't SO so sure you're just trolling.
EvilHomer - 2014-03-23
The gold jeweling industry has long been associated with the Jewish community, so yes, yes it does say anti-Semitic to me. They might as well have said "fuck bankers" or "fuck kosher deli owners". And even if you don't want to admit to the anti-Semitic undertones in that song, I take it by your silence that you at least concede the point about homophobia. There's really no other interpretation possible on that one!

I already agreed with you that they aren't a white power band, you don't have to belabor that point. You should, however, explain to us how you reconcile ICP's constant, blatant, often times violent, cultural-supremacist rhetoric, with your claim that ICP does NOT promote juggalo exceptionalism.

The way I see it, the only way this could be possible would be if Violent J and Shaggy are bullshitting every time they open their mouths. Perhaps they don't really believe any of the things they say? Perhaps ICP is like the Sex Pistols, or Milli Vanilli - it's all fake, just theater and nothing more?

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