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Desc:TheProphetsPath teaches that 'you have to unfriend all of those girls'
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:islam, PSA, why the terrorists hate us, facebook
Submitted:Casual Tea Party
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Comment count is 14
EvilHomer - 2014-03-24
The police aren't here to stop that girl from smiling at boys?! So typical; pigs are never around when you need them.

SolRo - 2014-03-24
not just in America, but also in The Mall.
baleen - 2014-03-24
Yes Muslim men, there is plenty of anal to be had with angry Muslim men just like you.
Gmork - 2014-03-24
5 for the evil religion of islam.
Gmork - 2014-03-24
There they are.

SolRo - 2014-03-24
meh, all you invisible-wizard worshipers look the same to me.

Gmork - 2014-03-24
Swing and a miss. (I'm agnostic.)

SolRo - 2014-03-24
So you're just not sure if there's a sky magician looking over you or not

Gmork - 2014-03-24
You're not very smart, are you?

bongoprophet - 2014-03-24
still a milder generalisation than yours, gdork.

Gmork - 2014-03-24
Does it matter how mild or spicy it was when it was (a) wrong and (b) not based in reality to begin with, not based on anything at all, really.

On the other hand, there are plenty of examples of islamic fanatics blowing themselves up and having the clergy's full support.

So, SolRo, the notion of having some humility about our limited knowledge and perception of the universe is worthy of ridicule in your eyes? Okay.

That's a great philosophy if you have shit for brains.

SolRo - 2014-03-24
Because you asked; yes, I am smart.

So, are you just too much a pussy to be a full atheist or is mankind's limited knowledge an excuse for the universe to be magical?

Everything you don't understand is pixies and faerie dust?

roofle - 2014-03-24
Not gonna lie, I want that "lower your gaze for better days" t-shirt.
Pope Caius - 2014-03-24
I'm not going to watch this just so I don't ruin the image I have in my head based off the preload image of this Islamic 1984 dystopia where women are literally being deleted from memory and I'll stop before this gets too racist
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