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Merzbau - 2014-03-27

This is a French TV adaptation from 1965, directed by the same guy who did the 30-minute film for Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire du Melody Nelson.

millerman13 - 2014-03-27


Too bad the film isn't composed of the two riots caused by "merdre."

Merzbau, are you familiar with René Daumal?

Merzbau - 2014-03-28

Doesn't ring a bell. What's his deal?

millerman13 - 2014-03-28

One of the lesser-known characters loosely associated with Breton's surrealists. He hung out around Breton but never really joined his cabal even though Breton loved his work. He was a self-professed practitioner of 'pataphysics and wrote a few books on it, all of which I'd highly recommend. Here's his little brilliant formulation for 'pataphysics:

To know x = to know (Everything – x)

In his early '20s he was obsessed with 'pataphysical experiments wherein he'd huff a ton of ether and then write down what he remembered. The later writings are less puerile and more "mystical" or whatever. He was really into Gurdjieff and it shows. I like his earlier work because it shares some aspects of Bataille's thought, and I'll take Bataille over Gurdjieff, please.

His most 'famous' novel is called Mount Analogue. I learned about him through John Zorn's album of the same title. All-around fascinating guy if you're into that that sort of thing. Sorry for the long post. I tend to get excited about this stuff even though I read/write about it for a living.

Merzbau - 2014-03-28

Ah! I've heard of Mount Analogue, though I didn't have a name to put to it. I'll have to do some catchup reading. And dude, don't apologize, this kind of weird unpredictable mishmash of expertise is one of the things that makes poetv awesome even in its, um, golden years.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-03-28


If all works out, this is a link to an English translation in PDF format.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-03-28

There are no words for how delighted I am to find this.

I once tried to write a play about the spirit of Jarry coming to take Adolph Hitler to hell in the last days of the war. I haven't thought about that in years, it still seems like a pretty solid concept for a comedy-drama. What would Hitler and Jarry have to say to each other? I don't think I'm up to writing it, but I'd sure like to see it.

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