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Desc:Goat Simulator brings us to the singularity.
Category:Science & Technology, Pets & Animals
Tags:physics, goat, goat simulator, Jim Sterling, Jetpack
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Comment count is 15
It took gaming this long to realize the STALKER car glitch should be an intentional feature in everything.
This is a deep commentary on the creative process of game design but at the same time a melancholy reflection on the futility of originality.
Are you blind? Clearly it is an essay on the duality of man.

Hardly. Goat Simulator is an attempt to overcome the Cartesian system of dualisms (mind/body, man/woman nature/culture, goat/simulator) through ironic deconstruction.

I like to imagine Chocolate Jesus watching this and throwing his monitor against the wall.
One Star.

Caminante Nocturno
Woe to you, oh earth and sea.
infinite zest
I think I'm starting to agree with EvilHomer, in that this could be gaming's Snakes on a Plane. It looks like fun for a little while, but there's only so much you can do in the world with creatures that don't react, just fall over, and as far as I can tell you can't die.

So it breaks down to: "Do you like Goats?"
"Do you like gary's mod?"
yes, I.. I think so.. the videos are fun to watch..
"Would you like to see the two combined?"
Uh.. sure I guess.. I mean, it's like ice cream, right?
"Sort of, yes."
Is there like a cone or something at the end so I can feel that I achieved something?
"no, you're a goat flying through a city forever"

That being said, these videos are a lot of fun to watch.
You had me at goat flying through a city forever.

Also .99. Or .73 when the steam summer sale hits.

I guess this game is going to have steam workshop access, so i dunno, maybe down the road you can have the goat wear a hat. That might keep it fresh for a while.

infinite zest
Oh my bad.. for some reason I thought it was normal game retail price, or maybe just a little cheaper. I've spent more than that on pinball in a single night.

Knowing next to nothing about this and next to nothing about the other games coming out around this time, I'm pretty sure that, however little time I would spend enjoying Goat Simulator is probably more time than I would spend enjoying any of the other games coming out.

It actually makes me kinda sad, or at least maudlin. Video games were a huge part of my childhood. I have fond memories of playing things like Excitebike and Urban Champion with friends from my neighbourhood, but now games are at a point where they're so narrowly designed and so linear in scope that they bear almost no resemblance to the things I played 20 years ago.
American Standard
Looking forward to this game.

Not looking forward to the army of charmless, grasping imitators it will inevitably inspire.
Binro the Heretic
And the shoggoth jet pack corps was quietly shut down and all involved agreed to never speak of it again.
This is the alternative ending to "Who goes there?"

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