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Desc:Take it away Rabbi Lapin.
Category:Humor, Religious
Tags:700 club, conservatives, Pat Robertson, orthodox, Daniel Lapin
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Comment count is 5
First, this video is not an April Fool's prank.

Second, should I knock out one of the five original tags for "chutzpah"?
Oscar Wildcat
So Pat is correctly paraphrasing what the Rabbi said and he gets agreement from the Rabbi on that point. And you are outraged by this, P? Frankly, I am finding the Rabbi to be a lot more offensive than Robertson, quite a feat given the person in question.
P should be outraged. Robertson is being incredibly anti-semitic. Just because he has a Jew spouting the same anti-semitic nonsense doesn't make it any better.

Yeah, as much as I dislike Pat, he and his guest are both in agreement here. And really, what's anti-semitic about pointing out the fact that people in upper-middle income neighborhoods tend not to work on their cars? The Rabbi's giving off some whiffs of classism for sure (one of the best lawn-mowers in the world? Really?), but you'd have to be a pretty singleminded believer in Muskeljudentum to accuse the man of anti-semitism, merely for pointing the obvious.

Oscar Wildcat
I think Anax is not here in America; a vast majority of jews I know would agree with these statements. Starting with my Mom's second husband, who made this exact argument to me when we were first meeting my cousin's in-laws. They lived in a rural part of upstate NY, and I opined "Perhaps they are living on a farm". He said "Nonsense, Jews don't farm!" I mumbled something about Kibbutz's but then I'm not a jew and he is so what do I know? Anyway, he was right of course. They were university professors.

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