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Desc:Daniel Clowes character tells fellow Goreans that Goreanism is fictional and other details.
Category:Horror, Religious
Tags:gor, transexual, Venefica82, gorean
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Comment count is 19
Allright, you guys fucking got me with this one. I am fucking stumped.
Spaceman Africa
I had to search up what Gorean meant, I thought it was a group of people or ethnicity or something, and these people should probably be made to work in mines or something.
I'm sure 1/3 of them would like that.

Born in the RSR
I made it through the entire Gorean Rant in one sitting, challenge accepted.
Baleen I was first introduced to Goreanism via Portal of Evil. I had since long forgotten about this Fetish/lifestyel. This just made me remeber it. Thanks asshole :)
There isn't a whole lot of Goreanism here. I need to keep the fires alive for the childrins.

Once exposed to Gor, how could you ever forget it?

is that a bookshelf behind her/him, or just a wall made of books?
Born in the RSR
Those are just a fraction the total Gor books ever written.


#33: Rebels of Gor (Oct 2013) ISBN 1-6175-6123-1

Jet Bin Fever
I thought these people were just big fans of Zelda until I realized the spelling was different.
You have entered a world called Gor! :whipcrack:

fetal alcohol syndrome says what
The New Meat
I've never heard a deep sea fish talk before.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
People are looking at my because I laughed at loud at your comment, sir.

The New Meat
I aim to please!

Holy fuck I thought that was some kind of funhouse mirror filter on a shitty webcam!
It is. It is, and let's never speak of this again.

The Mothership
Almost 20 minutes of this.
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