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Desc:Legolambs takes on The Hunger Games
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Running Man, legolambs, The Hunger Games
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infinite zest
I was having this conversation just the other day.. I haven't seen the Hunger Games but know the premise, and frankly it seems like it owes Battle Royale a lot more than it does Running Man. The "reality TV" thing isn't super exaggerated in the first one, it becomes a pretty big part of the second. Plus, I always imagined cameras just being around filming everything anyway, kind of like when you realize that Starship Troopers is just a recruitment film of sorts.

Also a question: As someone who loved the first BR and enjoyed the second one, would I like The Hunger Games? I've kind of not paid attention, partially because of its PG-13 rating. It's not that I have bloodlust or anything, but the BR/Running Man movies wouldn't be as much fun without exploding heads and crotch-stabbings.
No one over the age of 14 would enjoy The Hunger Games films or books.

infinite zest
How exactly does it get a PG 13 rating? Gore and swearing or not, it's about kids killing each other. The Lord of the Flies movie was straight-up R for that very reason, with only four "fucks" (still cool for PG 13) and very little human violence.

What turns me off from Hunger Games isn't even the content, it's that Suzanne Collins claims she had never heard of Battle Royale prior to writing the books. To me, that comes off like a load of crap. She works in a creative sphere and had not heard about the wild film based off of this book about the government forcing kids to kill each other in a "running man-like game"? At one point, everyone in film/books/video games/etc. seemed to be at least mentioning the movie version of Battle Royale -- yet I'm supposed to believe she was the one creative person living under a rock for 8 years?


infinite zest
Woah. That's like the guy from The Verve claiming he had never heard of the Rolling Stones.

They aren't really "kids" in the movie and they have the clout of a major studio backing them up.

Adham Nu'man
The Hunger Games is a movie primarily aimed at teenage girls. It's a pretty good film aimed at teenage girls though, and I (being neither a teenager nor a girl) enjoyed it. I also moderately enjoyed the first Battle Royal and The Running Man.

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