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Desc:RIP Crazy Dude
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:wrestling, ultimate warrior, wwf, wwe, steroids
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Comment count is 10
Yeah ok it's an amalgamation of other warrior bits and bobs that are mostly here in one form or another but I had to get the scoop asap and they weren't all together in one place. So temper your dupe stars accordingly, cockshitters.

Also what is the deal with tags? I couldn't get wwf to display properly until I added it onto the end, but then it shows up all out of sequence. On a related note, does anyone actually run this site? Does Chet pay money for this?
Also he had the perfect hair for all the head spazzing he did.

MacGyver Style Bomb
As of this moment, the cause of death has not been released.

The context of his speeches from WrestleMania on Sunday and Raw on Monday lead to some disturbing speculation.
So many wrestlers that were big from the 60's onwards die well before their time, it's absolutely monstrous. "It's still real to me", "wrestling is fake" and other hilarious replies aside it really does seem that your sacrifice your health to be a pro wrestler. Maybe that's something trading standards should look into, I don't know.

Jet Bin Fever
yeah, the chronic pain caused by their time on the job often leads to drug abuse and other problems too.

He collapsed outside of a hotel. Warrior's promos were often obsessed with death and fate and shit, so I wouldn't read too deeply into his last promo.

Jet Bin Fever
The war is over.
It's never over.

Queue the recanting and recalling of that downfall DVD they did, which was the best and only wrestling DVD I ever saw, and the over blowing of his impact on "the business" and shit.

Born in the RSR
I guess he finally boarded the spaceship to parts unknown. I salute you Warrior!
John Holmes Motherfucker
Never watched this stuff, but I just read that he was completely devoted to his two young daughters. That's all I know about him, and all I need to know.
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