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Desc:The latest video by Potholer54. Watch it.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:Climate Change, potholer54, climate change denial
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Jet Bin Fever
Yep. Take time to watch this. Like so many clips we post here, it is educational, entertaining, and above all depressing as hell.
The fact that I can get well sourced, accessible and entertaining primers on a whole range of interesting science makes Potholer54 one of the best things on the internet. Ever.

I have no doubt that his series on the origin of life bumped up some of my 1st year science grades.

Billy the Poet
Nope. At this point accurate info about climate change just makes me unable to function.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Sadly, I'm with you here. Nothing fills me with dread like this stuff does. It's our present-day apocalypse/nuclear war overwhelming fear.

Probably the worst thing about it is that it's gradual. The apocalypse fetishists who hoard food and bullets seem to be ready for a sudden, population-dropping catastrophe. A slow, grinding one will starve out people far slower than even a Costco's worth of dehydrated food can outlast.

This is actually one of the least depressing climate change things I've seen.

On the bright side, you will be long dead before all the major fighting breaks out.

I'm saving a link to this video for the next time my denialist buddies start linking to blogs as to why you don't use bloggershit in place of scientific facts.
So, on the plus side, the decreased solubility of CO2 in ocean water will also decrease the acidification effect.

On the minus side, water vapor is also a pretty efficient greenhouse gas and will only further amplify the feedback effects.

I guess I can take comfort in the fact it probably won't cause trouble during my lifetime, and I won't have any kids to worry about.
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