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Desc:I don't even...
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:white people, fork, Twerking, fwerking
Submitted:Jack Jammer
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Comment count is 9
blue vein steel
is "Forced Meme" not a tag?
infinite zest
more like "Forked Meme," right guys?

I'm CapnS, and I fucking hate this.
I spend all summer working with high school marching band students. Trust me, this kind of thing is not all that remarkable.
Jack Jammer
Honestly I was drunk when I came across this and was praying it wouldn't actually make it out of the hopper.
Those teens are being so random!
That guy
Comments. Had to.
infinite zest
Forced meme or not, it still shines a light on the youth of t.. oh fuck it.
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