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Category:Arts, Fashion
Tags:Rap, Shirtless, obesity, Uglyman, Wipe Game Proper
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Just update the link next time.

I enjoyed it. Straight up nice to see a rap video with no smoking.
jesus fucking christ

Just try and find me 4 other rap videos that don't feature smoking without consequence or taking extra strength tylenol (aka acetaminophen or paracetamol @500mg per pill) or other medications containing such a dangerous dose.

THEN come and tell me I am wrong.

Jet Bin Fever
haha. You're so funny oddeye.

I'm serious dude, there is no need for 500mg and it's destroying the livers of millions of people.

Case in point: The tylenol content of Vicodin was lowered pretty much across the board. Previously it could be as high as 750mg a pill with doctors frequently writing for 1-2 pills a day every 4-6 hours for months on end. 12 motherfucking doses of 750mg's of tylenol a day will fuck your liver like a sissy bitch. Although any good pharmacist would impose a limit on how many a day (probably 6-8) you can't account for honest mistakes. Frankly they shouldn't have to because the Dr. should fucking know his/her shit before handing out narcotics like halloween candy.

Case in point: FDA is recommending all combination drugs drop their tylenol content to 325mg and below. Last month (03/26/14) all marketing of combination drugs with over 325mg of tylenol have ceased.

Need I go on?

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