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Desc:Zorotl and his crew star in this high-octane eurobeat spaceventure. 2:39 for goblin hips of steel.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Italy, goblins, Eiffel 65, bad cg, Zorotl
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Comment count is 21
It looks almost like someone made an "Anime Music Video", except instead of anime, they used animatic footage from TRIPPING THE RIFT.

As a SAILOR MOON fan, I mostly approve of that AMV. I didn't like the flashing, especially in the first 30 seconds or so, though.

I approve as well, but only because the song wouldn't make sense without Mercury clips. Moon is Best Senshi, so Mercury's unchallenged popularity within the fandom has always annoyed me.

Mercury (Mizuno Ami) is my favorite Sailor Soldier.


The show is called Sailor Moon, not Sailor Egghead!

(Ami is my second favorite Senshi, however. Unlike Venus, WHO IS BORING, I can at least understand Mercury's appeal)

So poeTV... what were your favorite late 90s electronic bands? In terms of music, or in terms of goofy-ass videos?
Jimmy Labatt
Probably The Grid or Underworld. The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers also deserve an honorable mention.

Eiffel 65

Does this count? It's on Aphex Twin's label...


Jet Bin Fever
The Shamen, Utah Saints, the KLF

this is shit, who likes this stuff? Not me nor does anyone else as they are a one hit wonder and this wasn't it. If they were as good as everyone here claims, how come they aren't more popular?
They had two hits, I think. And what are you talking about, not good? Have you watched the video? Have you seen Zorotl's sweetass moves?!

I thought these Eiffel 65 videos were being submitted because they're so stupid and embarrassing, and I'm rating them accordingly.

Thanks for playing along Potrod

Pope Caius
The girl looks like a younger Nostalgia Chick.
Caminante Nocturno
My god, you're right.

Caminante Nocturno
I was expecting the king to have abducted them to play a concert for his people, so I was pleasantly surprised by what actually happened.
Oh good, I was hoping that Eiffel 65 would tie up all those narrative loose ends from the "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" video.
Adham Nu'man
I'm blue and I'd beat off a guy.

The Mothership
It's not as bad as anything the Vengaboys put out.
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