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Desc:The other characters try to politely ignore it
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:dance, glitch, The Wolf Among Us
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Comment count is 5
Cube - 2014-04-17
The scary thing is, it's not a bug, it's a mod.
SolRo - 2014-04-17
*Point to crotch polygons*
Hooker - 2014-04-17
"The stitches won't hold up if you continue to act... like you normally do."

Now I want to play this. What is this?
oddeye - 2014-04-17
Game is probably good but it's some kind of prequel/tie-in for what seems like a lame-ass "fairies forced to live in new york" comic book.

So original DC, never heard that premise before! Stick to making your batmens and shit, kids need something to "read".

FABIO - 2014-04-17
It's another Telltale adventure game that continues their trend of ditching the "game" part. If you thought The Walking Dead was short on puzzles or game, then WAU is even moreso. I've finished 3 out of 5 episodes and not a single puzzle. The controls might as well be "hold down mouse button to advance plot".

Which would be cool if the story was interesting, but it's more than half over and it STILL hasn't shifted into 2nd gear. Imagine if, after 90 minutes, Chinatown still hadn't introduced Noah Cross or the public water scheme.

You're the sheriff of a bunch of fable characters (absolutely nothing is done with this plot point; it might as well be ordinary people) investigating a murder. You show up at a shitty apartment, the camera heavily restricts you to only the things you can look at, your characters goes "hmmmmm" to every object you click on, then a witness starts acting like an asshole so you bust out a QTE fight that you can't lose. Repeat over and over without really learning anything new about the plot.

Even more frustrating is the dumbass main character - for the entire length of the game - can't piece together the blindingly obvious fact that a magic spell is keeping the primary witnesses from talking to him, even after someone flat out tells him it's a spell. He has an entire department of wizards and witches at his disposal who deal in the exact kind of spell he's investigating, yet he never asks the department for help. It's like watching a detective movie where they're stuck trying to find the owner of a license plate and no one even thinks to check the DMV records.

It looks gorgeous though! Maybe pick it up when all 5 episodes are finished and there's a major sale.

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