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Desc:violent J seems pretty fucked up in front of these kids
Category:News & Politics
Tags:ICP, Insane Clown Posse, kids interview bands
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infinite zest
Shaggy comes off here as a perfectly likable guy, who I'd trust around my kids. Violent J, not so much. Such is the duality of ICP I suppose.
infinite zest
I didn't know about these! The one with Ben from Dillenger Escape Plan is especially cute. Someone's got a cruuuush..

infinite zest
'Dillinger.' Please don't crucify me, poetv, crucify autocorrect.

*you are crucified*

You also spelled crush incorrectly.

Just the other day, my girlfriend and I picked out psychopathic records names for each other.

She didn't want to be Violent Vagina, because she's not violent. I told her, hey, it's just a name. Violent J isn't actually violent, and Shaggy 2 Dope is really only adequately dope.

No stars.
Go and share the names then, sheesh.

Our psychopathic records names are Oddeye and Sheesh. Weird.

I like your style.

Jet Bin Fever
God, he's blitzed out of his mind.
Prickly Pete
Just to restate the obvious: J has gotta be stoned out of his mind. Just look at him, haha.
I keep finding new ways to dislike these individuals.
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