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Desc:Spot the line that didn't air on TV.
Tags:Coffee, gum, sarah silverman, innuendo
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Comment count is 32
Lipstick come in flavours these days?
Does the colour of the lipstick on the cup seem a little different than the one Sarah is wearing?

Binro the Heretic
If you're talking about the line "Your lipstick is on my rim" it does indeed air at certain hours and/or on certain networks.
Binro the Heretic
Also, the "Half of me is in you" bit. It's not always there, but you can catch it sometimes.

Not sure if they clip them for reasons of censorship or time, though.

Half of me is in you... what does that really mean? Half his dick is inside her? Where? Is it only half because it doesn't fit or is half all she wants/needs? I like to think it's half his foot into her lipstick stained asshole. Maybe he impregnated her.

I can see why they might cut that line, it's pretty confusing.

infinite zest
I think the joke is that she didn't finish the cup of coffee, drinking maybe only half of it before chewing the gum, which left poor mr. coffee cup hanging and feeling like any one night stand feels.

infinite zest
Is Sarah Silverman trying to become the next Joan Rivers? If so, I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I could see her hosting something like Tonight Show. But besides an awkward moment on Mr. Show where she forgot her line or something and David Cross saved it, making the whole thing funnier than it probably should have been, I've never thought she was all that funny.

I tried watching the Sarah Silverman Show too, and I just don't get it. Maybe I don't have a sense of humor? Besides attractive girl who jokes about her most private moments, is there anything that she has that Jeneane Garafalo doesn't? Don't say "tits."

infinite zest
actually the "half of me is in you" was probably because she peed before the pitch and then chewed the gum, because she has a vagina. Did you know that she has a vagina?

Nice voice, which was in wreck-it-ralph.

Her vagina is probably the least interesting part about her. Imagine how soft her hair would feel on your exposed flesh.

Caminante Nocturno
Jeneane Garafalo was never funny or talented. I've always suspected that people only pretended to enjoy her out of some deeply misplaced sense of principle.

Pretty much -- people like the concept of Janeane Garofalo (cute girl who can make herself up to look stunningly pretty, with a wickedly insightful sense of humor), but that's more than she actually delivers on.

Still, full props to her for speaking out against the Iraq War before it was cool.

I value and take seriously Caminante's opinions on women.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Jeanine Garafalo was funny a long time ago but the thing about her is she started to bomb really bad in comedy clubs when she went back to stand up. Part of it is because she kind of lost her groove and part of it is because she is to intellectual and a great political commentator so much that she gets distracted by it. It's hard for her to separate the two enough to get into a good comedy routine again. I would actually like to see her get way more involved politically, possibly as a pundit because I think that would be a much better career choice for her.

infinite zest
yeah that's what I meant by the "Joan Rivers" thing. People hate on her, but she was one of the first commediennes to, well, do a man's job when it was unheard of. I think Silverman would make an awesome late night talk show host. Personally, I actually really like Ellen Degeneres's stand-up, but her show's.. well I've never seen an episode but it's not the Ellen from the late 80s/early 90s.

Which Mr. Show bit are you thinking of?

infinite zest
The one where Bob Odenkirk does that infomercial where he promises that "he's not a lawyer, won't try to have sex with you, and knows when to leave when it gets awkward." I'd have to find the commentary but I guess they had to redo Silverman's one line a bunch of times, before David just kind of went with it. It's not super-memorable like the "Van down by the River" sketch where the uncontrollable laughter from David Spade and the other kid make it that much funnier, but it's a pretty good save.

Wow, people still hate on silverman cause she's a girl huh... post more and we'll know all the MRA's on poetv
Which people?

infinite zest
I don't hate on her because she's a girl (I actually don't hate her) I just don't think she's very funny. I also don't think Rudy Ray Moore's stand up was is all that funny from what I've seen, but I like the Dolomite movies. I don't think I half-hate him or black people because of it.

Woman hater.

Prickly Pete
Frankly I find calling her a "girl" to be sexist. She's not 12, she's a full grown woman.

That guy
There's a false dilemma in there somewhere, chairs.

Caminante Nocturno
if i wanted to watch commercials, i'd either have a tv or uninstall my adblockware. Seriously. da fuq with commercials??
Or you could just not click on a video with "orbit gum ad" in the title.

Jet Bin Fever
He has a point.

infinite zest
They're submitted because they generate conversation. For example, I submitted the Carl's Jr. X-men X-tra Bacon Deluxe commercial, but not because I wanted to promote the product, but for the "eat like a man" part, and the general conversation that ensued was about things more intelligent than if the burger is good or not.

Notice that none of these comments say "I don't like Orbit, I prefer Trident"

infinite zest
But I'm a BubbleYum man myself, so what do I know about these things?

^ yeah, you have a point, Zircon. But it was widely circulating at the time and the viral ads were invading web 2.0. I dunno. I quit tv years ago and ad blockers are installed on all my machines. maybe i overreacted at the time.

fair enough. But then again you could have ignored my comment. Never works like that though, does it?
Not sure if I follow your logic here pal. Why would I ignore your comment?

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